Pursuant to City Code Section 1373, a rental property owner or the owner’s local agent (including governmental or nonprofit agencies) must register all rental properties with the City of Painesville every three years as part of Painesville City's Crime Free Rental Housing initiative. The purpose of this program is to assist rental property owners in finding suitable tenants and improving safety through the Crime Free Rental Housing training. The registration process also established an efficient way to communicate important information to rental property owners. 
Step-by-Step Checklist
  1. Obtain the Painesville City Rental Registration Packet online or pick up at the Community Development Office at 66 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077. The packet includes the following information:
  2. Complete the Rental Dwelling Registration Form for all rental properties that you own and return to the Community Development Office, 66 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077. Call 440-392-5931 for any questions or concerns. The form must be completely filled out and signed.
  3. When you submit the registration form, the Community Development Office will provide a receipt showing proof that your properties have been registered. Hold onto this.
  4. Contact the Painesville Police Department at 440-392-5819 or email Officer Quintillo at [email protected] to register for the 4 hour Crime Free Rental Housing Seminar. You must have a receipt to register. Officer Quintillo will inform you when the next class will be offered as frequency depends on a minimum number of participants. If you have already attended a Painesville Police Crime Free Rental Housing Seminar, you have fulfilled the requirement as described in Chapter 1373 of the Painesville Codified Ordinances.
  5. Attend the Crime Free Rental Housing Seminar.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this program mandatory?
A: Yes, as of February 2011, this program is mandatory for all rental property owners including governmental or public agencies acting as landlords. 
Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: Yes. 1-3 rental units: $20 / 4-10 rental units: $30 / 11-50 rental units: $50 / 50+ rental units:$150
Q: Are there late fees?
A. Yes. See penalty fee structures in Ordinance 1373.04.
Q: Is there a penalty for failure to register?
A: Yes. As stated in Section 1373.07 "Any person, firm, or corporation or his or her agents who violates any provision of this chapter or who fails or refuses to abide by the terms issued pursuant to this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor in the fourth degree for each offense. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during which a violation continues."