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* Please note, this form must be submitted before 12:00 noon the day of the Council Meeting you wish to address *

Painesville City Council welcomes input from community members during “Public Comments” section of each meeting. Anyone who wants to address City Council has the opportunity to do so, however, you are asked to follow a few simple guidelines:

    • There is a time limit of THREE (3) minutes per person. If you are part of a group, one representative must be selected to speak on behalf of the group.
    • ALL comments should be directed to the President of Council.
    • Addressing Council should serve one of the following purposes:
        1. To comment on legislation being considered by Council,
        2. To comment and /or question Council regarding City action, services, or issues, or
        3. To comment on non-agenda item. Please note, council members will listen to your comments and may ask staff to research and report back on the issue, but are unlikely to respond during the meeting.
    • Persons addressing the Council may, with permission of President of Council, use appropriate materials or documents to support their position. Any materials/documents can be submitted beforehand to the Clerk of Council at [email protected].
    • Public Comments shall not be used for the following purposes:
        1. To comment on matters involved in litigation,
        2. To comment on matters that detracts from the ability of the Council to conduct business.
        3. To make personal attacks against Council members, members of City Administration or other individuals of the public.
    • The Council shall not tolerate disruptions of the meeting by members of the audience, including using and talking on cell phones. If after one warning, any person who continues to disrupt the meeting by his or her words or actions will be removed from the meeting.

The Council President will call on you to speak during the "Public Comments" portion of the agenda. 

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I have read the above guideline regarding addressing City Council during a public meeting. I agree to abide by all items noted and understand that failure to provide all necessary information will result in my request to speak being denied.

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