Painesville Electric is upgrading our current meter infrastructure with Advanced Meters (AMI), enabling us to deploy a host of services to our customers, while enhancing power quality and reliability. Advanced Meters help us improve the way we do business, making our delivery system smarter and more accurate. Most importantly, these meters provide our customers near real-time information on usage data to help take control over their energy use and help manage their energy bills—at no additional cost.


  • Greater Convenience - Because Advanced Meters use a wireless network to transmit usage information, meter readers no longer need to enter a customer’s property to read a meter.
  • Improved Quality and Reliability - Advanced Meters are capable of communicating data that notifies us when an outage or water leak has occurred and where the problem may be located. This improves our response time and how long a customer is without service.
  • Enhanced Customer Service - Advanced Meters provide online access to near real-time usage data to help manage costs. Plus, we can respond faster to either starting or stopping service.
  • More Accurate Billing - We are better able to manage our business by providing more accurate and efficient billing. In the future, this can open the door for new programs that benefit the customer, such as real-time pricing and pre-paid services.


Smart Meter Update - January 2021

Our contractor, PMI, has completed Phase 1 of the smart meter installations for Painesville Electric customers.

    • The second shipment of smart meters will arrive sometime in the Fall of 2021
    • PMI is currently surveying for the remaining customers that will be part of Phase 2 meter installations. Please do not be alarmed if you see them around the neighborhood - they are just recording the type of meter you have
    • If you have not received a new meter yet, don't worry - it simply means you are part of Phase 2

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we bring our electric system into the 21st century and improve our user experience.